CONTEST! OnE dAy I wiLL....

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huhu..i had been encourage to join this contest by madam hidayah..and..since the tittle of her contest in English, better i write this entry in english too..but! don't laughing at me if my english not soo good okay! i'm the way! this is my first time writing my entry in fully English!! clap your hand plz..wuwuwuwuu....boooo! [ngeh3]

now..i presenting u..CONTEST! one day i will....
[drum sound]

for terms and condition, just click here! tq!

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One day..i will be a good mom and loyal wife
beside a professional civil engineer!

i wish i could finish my study on time [ do not extend for many sem..hopefully!]
then, i can proceed my carrier as civil engineer
being professionnally
and successfully!
i wish i will get marry after my carrier in stable
with my beloved future husband..
i want to make him happy after being living with me..
give him cute childrens..
as he want too..
taking care of my children
to be my best ever dream!
thank you..

**note for madam's so hard to make this contest in english..but i've tried..thanks to you..and just accept it as the simplest answer that you get until now..sorry! hehehe...

**note for everyone...this is only contest..pls don't laugh..i feel soooo ''maluuuuu''...hahaha!!!


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  1. just dropping by here to wish u good luck :)

  2. No need to be "maluuuu".. good effort, good dreams.. I hope all your wishes come true..

    Thanks for entering the contest :) Good luck!


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